Mutual Live

Mutual Live is a 5 piece southern rock & roll band from Jackson, TN.  Their sound is an energetic crossroad of Skynyrd infused melodies and bold blues riffs. Singing songs of southern culture, heartbreak, and life as a band. They are as raw and real as rock n roll gets these days.

zack charles

Zachary Charles

During his college years at the University of Michigan, Zachary Charles Mutual started an acoustic duo with longtime childhood friend, Dan Drogosh. Initially aimed to please their drinking buddies, the duo built a wooden stage at a local fraternity house and performed regularly on weekends, playing mostly classic rock and 90’s alternative songs. In light of always struggling to think of the band name, the duo promoted shows under the title “Zack Mutual Plays Live”, eventually evolving into the name “Mutual Live.” Influenced by groups like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynryd and Guns N Roses, the group “Mutual Live” eventually evolved into a modern day version of Southern Rock with a slight touch of attitude.

Joseph Maliszewski

Joseph Maliszewski

Joseph Maliszewski, a songwriter, producer, and bassist/guitarist for Mutual Live, is most passionate about creating great music to share with the world. Born in '93 in the small town of Jackson, TN, Joseph had picked up guitar, drums, and bass by the age of 15. He quickly realized that being a touring musician was the career for him. Throughout his teenage years, he played in several bands that didn't yield serious results. This all changed when he became a part of Mutual Live. Joseph’s musical influences come from a wide variety of genres and artists. Those who know Joseph will tell you that he is very passionate about the way he lives life. This includes his love for music, food, working out, and video games. He hopes to inspire others by traveling the world and doing what he loves.


dan drogosh

Dan Drogosh

Writing the distinguished riffs for Mutual Live is none other than Dan (Dro) Drogosh, a Michigan native and childhood friend of Zack Charles. After attending a local talent show, Dan was certain that guitar would lead to a fulfilling life of entertainment. Teaming up with Zack, the two began composing songs reflecting the style of Guns N Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Dro’s early idol, Angus Young of AC/DC.

Delta blues and southern country music are major influences on his riffs and catchy rhythms. Dro's rig rundown includes: Marshall JCM 800 and a Friedman Brown Eye for amps. Gibson SG, Les Paul, and newest addition, the Midtown Custom, are played on most recent tracks for the group. He’s a charm offstage and straight down to business on stage but always a solid act.


Andrew Knight, a highly talented musician born in Princeton, Kentucky. He plays bass guitar and rocks the mandolin for Mutual Live. 

Evan mayo

Evan Mayo

Evan Christian Mayo, born in Murfreesboro, Tn June 21, 1996. Grew up in a family that devoted their lives to music. His father plays many instruments and has perfect pitch hearing, so fate stepped in. Evan started messing around on the drums and played his first show at the age of 5. At 11, he became serious about honing in on his skills and was practicing hours upon hours every day running through albums. When he was 13 he played in a metal band called Vessels for 4 years. Recorded 3 cd's from 13-17 and then got the gig with Mutual Live at 18. His main influences are Neil Peart (Rush), Buddy Rich, John Bohnam (Led Zeppelin), Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (Avenged Sevefold). He listens to a wide variety of music from metal to jazz, and from EDM to country; but, country over everything